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    Airline Operators

    Reduce costs and meet emissions reduction targets

    Airline Operators

    Reduce costs and meet emissions reduction targets

    2000+ Engine Pre-Orders from Leading Airlines

    ZeroAvia is bringing to market an electric propulsion system powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology. We are replacing traditional engines on existing and clean sheet fixed wing aircraft.

    Switching to hydrogen-electric propulsion systems will provide operators with:

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    Zero-emission flight and fuel

    Tackling 95% of climate change impact: clean hydrogen in fuel cells generating electricity to power electric motors

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    Lower and more stable fuel costs

    Green hydrogen cost set to be lower than jet kerosene and SAF; fuel cell systems offer more energy efficient use of fuel

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    Significantly lower maintenance cost

    ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-electric powertrain promises significant extension of flight hours between major servicing events

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    Reduced noise and air pollution

    Removing the noise and exhaust of combustion engines to reduce disruption and air quality impacts on communities close to airports

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    Airline Customers

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    American Airlines

    American Airlines signed an MOU with ZeroAvia for the opportunity to order 100 ZA2000 RJ, hydrogen-electric engines, targeting regional jets.

    United Airlines

    United Airlines and ZeroAvia signed an agreement anticipating 50 ZA2000 RJ engines, with an option for 50 more.

    Alaska Airlines

    Alaska has secured options for up to 50 powertrains to begin converting its regional aircraft to hydrogen-electric power through ZeroAvia’s zero-emission powertrain.


    Ecojet – which aims to become the flag carrier for green Britain – placed an engine pre-order for up to 70 hydrogen-electric engines.

    Air Cahana

    Air Cahana plans to pioneer disruptive sustainable regional air service in California and the West Coast of the United States. The company agreed a 250 engine pre-order.

    Our Products

    We are working with operators to extend the life of existing fleet via retrofit programs or bring new zero-emission aircraft into service via our line-fit agreements with OEMs.

    We are focused on three key product offerings initially



    A 600 kW hydrogen-electric powertrain designed for 10-20 seat aircraft; targeting entry-into-service in 2025



    A 2-5MW hydrogen-electric powertrain designed for 40-80 seat aircraft; targeting entry-into-service by 2027



    A 5+MW hydrogen-electric engine designed to power regional jets up to 1000nm by 2029

    To find out more, download our brochure or contact us

    The Hydrogen-Electric Cessna Grand Caravan White Paper

    Learn more about how ZeroAvia’s 600kW, ZA600 engine can support the Cessna Grand Caravan. The White Paper includes a technical overview, route analysis, and information on emissions savings, operating cost savings, retrofit and maintenance. We also explore hydrogen fuel production and airport refueling.

    News on ZeroAvia Flight Testing Program

    We have retrofit our prototype ZA600 engine to power the left side propeller of our Dornier 228. We’ll use this page to share the latest updates from the flight test program, including photos and videos from flights, as well as behind the scenes content.