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    Our In-House Tech

    World-leading fuel cell, electric motor and inverter technologies

    Our In-House Tech

    World-leading fuel cell, electric motor and inverter technologies

    Rapid Technology Development and Critical IP

    In pursuit of its first engines, ZeroAvia has developed high performance, high efficiency systems that offer a step change to existing technologies in the market.

    Our innovation at high velocity in pursuit of zero-emission flight is enabling advances that can revolutionise a broad range of applications.

    The company has over 100 patents in fuel cell systems, power electronics and electric motor technology. Read more below to explore our breakthrough advances in hydrogen-electric propulsion components.

    ZA600 Fuel Cell SuperStack Module

    ZeroAvia has developed one of the highest power-dense multi-stack fuel cell modules available, working in conjunction with partner PowerCell.

    The “SuperStack” module is capable of generating 400kW continuously, encapsulates many of the latest aviation fuel cell componentry technologies, and offers an industry-leading scalable power block with specific power in excess of 1.5 kW/kg.

    High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell Stacks

    ZeroAvia’s has made unprecedented tech breakthroughs by developing its high temperature (HTPEM) fuel cell stacks. The pressurized 20kW HTPEM stack power module promises 3+ kW/kg system level densities in the next 24 months.

    The HTPEM systems will support large aircraft, as well as a range of rotorcraft and eVTOL applications. This next generation of fuel cells could also be sufficient to enable electric propulsion systems for 100+ seat single-aisle turbofan aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.

    ZeroAvia Compressor for Aviation Fuel Cell Systems

    A high-performance compressor designed for fuel cell-based aviation propulsion systems, including ZeroAvia’s first ZA600 hydrogen-electric powertrain.

    Offering highly stable performance across a large range of power and operating environment requirements.

    Supporting up to 900kW fuel cell systems, the compressor is many times more powerful than any existing fuel cell compressors and offers superior power density.


    ZeroAvia has developed its own continuous power silicon carbide inverters which biodirectionally convert high-voltage DC into three phase AC to power electric motors.

    Advanced thermal management technologies and integration enable reliable high performance at altitude and successful engine compartment location.

    The company is also progressing optimized integration of the inverters with electric motors, such as the HyperCore motor.

    ZA600 Motor

    The ZeroAvia Motor is a 660kW max power, surface permanent magnet based high-efficiency machine with bidirectional operation, specifically designed for direct drive installations mounted to the propeller.

    Having a stator core divided into 4 sections enhances fault tolerance and allows higher input current from the inverters. The optimized motor cooling allows for very efficient heat transfer within the motor to allow it to run cooler and for longer.

    The motor offers a max speed of 2500 rpm and high torque (3169 Nm) and power density (5 kW/kg).

    HyperCore Motor

    HyperCore is the world’s most advanced electric motor technology for aviation, addressing applications ranging from 900kW up to 10MW to meet regional turbo-prop and regional jet requirements.

    The fully Integrated Motor-Inverter system is designed to be powerful, compact, and ultra-efficient. The motor is a permanent magnet electric machine combined with 4 Silicon Carbide inverters.

    Designed and produced for high altitude and unpressurised areas, optimized thermal, mechanical, and electrical integration allows the HyperCore to achieve high reliability and long lifetime by reducing cable weight, interfaces, and coupling, connectors.

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